Monocle Quality of Life Survey

For a more eclectic take on what makes a city a great place to live, check out Monocle. Its annual Quality of Life survey is now in its eighth year. Monocle published its top 25 liveable cities in the world for 2014 in July/August 2014 (Magazine Issue 75, Volume 8).

Cities are ranked based on statistics collected on population, international flights, crime, sunshine, tolerance, unemployment rate, upcoming developments, electric car charging points, culture, bookshops, green space, street life, and dinner on a Sunday. For 2014, Monocle continued to improve and subtly change its metrics, following the introduction of new ones for the 2013 survey (Sundays, Street Life).

Monocle introduces its annual survey for 2014 on the importance of striking a balance: “Finding the measure of a city is as much about the intangibles that light up a community as the infrastructure keeping it going”.

In 2014 a European city ranked 1 (Copenhagen) and Australian cities ranked 3 (Melbourne down from 2 in 2013), 11 (Sydney down from 9 in 2013), and Brisbane ranked 25 (a new entry). For the first time there are three Japanese cities in the top 10.

For a sharp audio recording on the top 25 from 2014, click here.

To compare rankings with last year’s results, read Monocle’s story in the edition for July / August 2013 (Magazine Issue 65, Volume 7). In 2013 a European city ranked 1 (Copenhagen), and Australian cities ranked 2 (Melbourne up from 6 in 2012) and 9 (Sydney, down from 8 in 2012).

Setting out the findings for 2013, Monocle posed the question: “How do you make your city a place where people want to live?”  Noting that “the perfect city doesn’t exist”, and that quality of life “is not definitive”, nonetheless the conclusion was that such indexes help answer questions about where we want to live.

To listen to a report on the top 25 from 2013, click here.