Committee Members


South Australian Government Members

Hon Jon Rau MP

The Hon John Rau MP

Deputy Premier; Attorney General; Minister for Planning; Minister for Justice Reform; Minister for Industrial Relations; Minister for Child Protection Reform; Minister for the Public Sector; Minister for Consumer and Business Services; Minister for the City of Adelaide

Hon Stephen Mullighan MP

The Hon Stephen Mullighan MP

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure; Minister for Housing and Development

Hon Kyam Maher MLC

The Hon Kyam Maher MLC

Minister for Employment; Minister for Manufacturing and Innovation; Minister for Automotive Transformation; Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation; Minister for Science and Information Economy


Adelaide City Council Members


Mr Martin Haese

The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of Adelaide


Mr Houssam Abiad

Central Ward Councillor


Ms Sandy Verschoor

Area Councillor