• Cowork SA

    With the trend toward freelancing in the knowledge economy, a healthy cowork scene is a critical part of any city’s business infrastructure. In 2015, having supported the establishment of one of the first co working spaces in Adelaide, the Committee were keen to support the growth and longer term sustainability of the entire sector in Adelaide.

    In conversations with a fledgling industry at the time it was identified that there was a real need to grow awareness and understanding of coworking in the community in the first instance and an opportunity to combine resources and efforts to achieve this.

    In response, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Department of State Development and the Committee came together with the industry to develop strategy to ensure a flourishing, collaborative industry into the future.

    A key outcome of this work was establishment of an industry association CoworkSA that brings the State’s now almost 30 cowork spaces together to raise awareness of, advocate for and support coworking in South Australia. An industry website, maintained by CoworkSA and providing the digital gateway to coworking in South Australia was also an important result of the work.

    For more information visit the CoworkSA website