• Building Tune Ups Program

    The successful Building Tune Ups Program (BTUP) was a collaborative venture involving State and Local Government and commercial building owners to improve the environmental credentials of buildings in the Adelaide CBD. Ten commercial office buildings in the Adelaide CBD that were part of the program were assessed as more sustainable, based on measures using the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating Tool and National Australian Built Environment Rating System, to rate the use of energy and water. BTUP resulted in annual reductions of 2 883 tonnes of CO2 and 27 160L in water consumption. The payback period across the 10 projects was on-average less than 10 years.

    The Capital City Committee identified the need for the project, which was delivered as a three-year pilot of the South Australian Government and the City of Adelaide. Following BTUP’s successful completion in 2007, we supported the expansion of the concept. The South Australian Government announced $2.4 million in the 2008-09 State Budget for a new four-year project: the Building Innovation Fund, to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.