"Creating vibrant hubs of activity from the fine network of lanes and alleys which construct the beautiful City of Adelaide"
  • Activated Side Streets and Laneways

    Adelaide has rejuvenated its side streets and laneways, making them destinations in their own right and is now developing the $14.6m Market to Riverbank Link, creating a continuous walking path from the Adelaide Central Market to the Adelaide Riverbank. Stage 1 of the project is complete with Bank Street and Topham Mall North now featuring upgraded streetscapes including new paving, lighting, trees, landscaping, street furniture, public art and exciting experiences to discover.

    Upgrades to Leigh and Peel Street in the city’s West End has previously transformed and brought new life to these unique parts of the CBD.

    Together, the City of Adelaide, the South Australian Government and businesses have transformed these streets, creating attractive and exciting areas for people to discover, enjoy and use for both business and pleasure.

    The Capital City Committee supported activating Adelaide’s side streets and laneways by outlining a vision for the city that committed the South Australian Government and the City of Adelaide to work together to transform the little-used alleys and laneways of the CBD and spaces in between into exciting places that attract people to the heart of the city.