The Committee

The Capital City Committee is a partnership of the South Australian Government and the Adelaide City Council at the highest political level. It exists to promote the strategic development of Adelaide as the capital of South Australia and one of the world’s great small cities.

Established through an Act of Parliament in 1998 the Committee is recognition of the special role played by the City of Adelaide (the local government area of City of Adelaide, taking in the Adelaide Central Business District and North Adelaide) in South Australia’s social, commercial, cultural and civic life.

The Committee is chaired by the Deputy Premier of South Australia, the Hon John Rau MP. The Rt Hon the Lord Mayor of Adelaide Martin Haese, two State Government Ministers and two Adelaide City Councillors complete Committee membership.

The Committee is the preeminent forum in South Australia for bringing state and local government together on capital city issues and the place to reinforce the commitment to work together. It pursues a collaborative approach to city building that benefits all South Australians.

The Committee’s legislative foundation gives a clear signal that the commitment to collaborate is backed by real intentions.

The Capital City Committee Directorate recently developed a series of infographic papers that were presented to the first meeting of the Capital City Committee following the State election in March 2014. Included in this series was a summary ‘About the Capital City Committee’. This infographic includes the Capital City Committee’s: role; membership; legislative requirements; recent discussion areas and past achievements.