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This page is intended as a list of interesting articles the Capital City Committee Directorate team has read (or watched) in recent times and why we liked these items.

How can the UK innovate for the world’s cities? Future Cities Catapult, a report on UK innovations to help people understand what the future may have in store for us in the context of a rapidly urbanising world where increasingly technology is  helping improve our quality of life and increase prosperity. Interesting for using a ‘city systems approach’, acknowledging ‘urban problems have multiple causes with far-reaching impacts and complex feedback loops’. Hence promoting solutions that consider ‘A city’s multiple systems simultaneously, rather than focusing on how to fix a particular element’. The trick is to have an integrated way of working  across disciplines to develop integrated solutions. The report suggests the best urban innovations cut across spatial design, infrastructure, digital, professional service and social service sectors, and gives plenty of project examples combining these dimensions.

Brett Toderian, an Urban Planner from Vancouver with his eye-opening and enjoyable presentation about ‘density done well’ at the 2013 State of Downtown Economic Forum on February 13 2013 in Seattle, Washington.

In California Cities, Drivers Want More Bike Lanes. Here’s Why. A great summary of a recent research study from the University of California-Berkeley that asked a lot of people (riders, driver and walkers) what kind of street treatments they wanted to feel safe. Surprisingly all felt dedicated spaces for cyclist made them feel safer.

How did Melbourne’s ‘laneway culture’ come about? Alan Davies, The Urbanist Blog on Crikey – Alan’s take on the history of the development of Melbourne’s laneways and the lack of recognition for the Niewenhausen reforms.

Friedman vs. Florida, or How to Thrive in a World Both Flat and Spiky – complete with a great-looking spiky diagram. This is a great debate and makes you think on a global scale.

Transforming Perth: Regenerating Transport Corridors as a Network of High Street Precinct. This is collaborative publication between the Australian Urban Design Research Centre, the Australian Greens and the Property Council of Australia. It assess the potential for accommodating the Western Australian growth predicted in its strategic plan, through medium and high-density scenarios in existing and often underutilised areas along Perth’s activity corridors.

The Human Scale. Screened at Adelaide’s Film Festival in 2013, this documentary on cities focuses on the work of notable Danish architect and professor Jan Gehl, who has spent a life-time advocating for people-centred cities. Profiles cities in China, New Zealand, United States, India and Australia.

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