"Taking full advantage of new research to create a greener and more sustainable city"
  • Sustainable City

    The Adelaide Green City Sector Agreement (AGCSA) delivered an array of successful projects in the area of environmental sustainability within the City of Adelaide.

    AGCSA was designed to achieve a net reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions in the Adelaide City Council area and to brand the City of Adelaide as an internationally-recognised environmentally-sustainable and climate-resilient city.

    Established in 2010, AGCSA concluded in 2012 and in its last year continued to deliver successful outcomes.

    Examples included the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Project for the Adelaide City Council that created a reporting tool and baseline to measure greenhouse gas emissions in the City of Adelaide; the Rundle Mall Green Precinct Project with Zero Waste to look at waste generation and recycling; and an Apartment Resource Recovery Pilot with Adelaide City Council, Zero Waste and the Integrated Design Commission, to explore alternative waste management systems for medium and high density developments.

    The ground-breaking research project on the Urban Heat Island involving Flinders University, Adelaide City Council and the State Government, delivered the second of two reports in mid 2013.

    We supported the Adelaide Green City Sector Agreement since its establishment in 2010 when it was signed by the then Premier and Lord Mayor, as a demonstration of the shared commitment of the Government and the Council to environmental sustainability.