"Our Clubhouse is about much more than shared office space, it is a unique and inspiring place to create; an epicentre for the cross pollination of people, ideas and initiatives."

- Jemma Schilling, Inaugural Hub Adelaide Catalyst, November 2013

  • Hub Adelaide

    Committee Forum Builds Community Success

    Hub Adelaide connects young Adelaide entrepreneurs to a global network of 35+ other Hubs and users worldwide.

    Located on Peel Street in the Adelaide CBD, Hub Adelaide provides a unique co-working space for start up businesses and young innovators to share knowledge, costs, opportunities and inspiration. The Hub network is comprised of upwards of 6,000 culturally-diverse members from more than 50 working disciplines, connecting cities from Adelaide to Sydney, San Francisco to London, and San Paulo to Toyko.

    The idea for the city-based entrepreneurial hub was generated through the Capital City Committee’s 2012 Emerging Leaders Forum. The event brought together 100 of Adelaide’s best and brightest business entrepreneurs, creatives and thinkers to generate fresh ideas for growing the city business environment.

    Haris Qureshi participated in the Emerging Leaders Forum and has gone on to become a founding member of the Hub Adelaide community. “I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I signed up to participate in the Emerging Leaders Forum. I was pleasantly surprised! We were split  into teams comprising of business leaders from the Adelaide business community and developed several ideas being proposed to help drive business in Adelaide,” said Qureshi, a year on from the Forum. “The greatest aspect was the follow up with meetings with participants which helped to drive the ideas into reality!”

    Inaugural Hub Adelaide Catalyst Jemma Schilling was passionate about the initiative, “Hub Adelaide is a space where anyone from any industry and background can be instantly connected to an inspiring community of professionals, social entrepreneurs, freelancers and people just doing fantastic stuff. Innovation in the future will be driven by cross-sector collaboration; and the creativity will come from the diversity within our community.”

    We helped establish Hub Adelaide by bringing people together to generate the concept underpinning the project. Ongoing support will be through a partnership between the South Australian Government, Microsoft and Bank SA, in addition to a $1 million State Government grant announced early in 2013. Hub Adelaide occupies a large space in the formerly disused Fletcher Jones building on Peel Street, just off Hindley Street in Adelaide’s CBD.


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