Small and Niche Venues making a positive impact in the city!

Over the past 6 months the Capital City Committee Directorate has undertaken a research project into Small and Niche venues in the city.  This project is an example of the Capital City Committee’s 2014-2015 priority around ‘City Metrics’. Overall, the results from the research are positive and favourable towards the addition of small and niche venues […]

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AdelaideFree WiFi: Capitalising on the Benefits for City Business

With launch of the AdelaideFree WiFi network in June 2014, 97% of Adelaide’s CBD became a WiFi hotspot; the largest of its type in Australia, offering infinite possibilities for innovation and business growth in the city centre. Recognising this, the Capital City Committee Forum 2014: AdelaideFree WiFi:Capitalising on the Benefits for City Business, was an invitation […]


City Trends

The Capital City Committee has agreed one of its priorities for 2014-2015 is the active monitoring of city trends.  The Committee is keen to be kept abreast of city trends over the coming year and to try improving data on city metrics. The publication of infographics on a range of focus areas relevant to the City […]


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