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City Trends

The Capital City Committee has agreed one of its priorities for 2014-2015 is the active monitoring of city trends.  The Committee is keen to be kept abreast of city trends over the coming year and to try improving data on city metrics. The publication of infographics on a range of focus areas relevant to the City […]

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Smart Cities Needed In Our Rapidly Urbanising World

The ‘Smart Cities’ concept is one of the most important new approaches to designing, planning and managing cities globally, with its goal of improving people’s lives and making cities more productive, liveable and sustainable. The world is urbanising rapidly; cities will house the bulk of the global population, create the most growth, and consume the majority […]

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Lunch Box City Stories Series

Discover the secrets of some passionate Adelaideans: their favourite city change and treasure, secret lunch spot, best collaborative project and tricks to working together successfully. And take a peek into their lunch boxes! Check out these interviews from the summer of 2013-14, when the Capital City Committee Directorate tracked down an eclectic selection of Adelaide’s […]


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